Stiga Azalea Offensive

The Azalea blades draw from the culture and history of Japanese Table Tennis. Developed in close collaboration with Japanese female players in search for the perfectly balanced Offensive blade, the focus is on light weight and outstanding feeling and control. Like all STIGA blades, The Azalea Offensive is built with a harder second layer compared to the Azalea Allround, which increases the power and speed of the blade.

  • Lightweight offensive 5-ply blade with outstanding feeling and power. 
  • Increased hardness in the second layer compared to the Azalea Allround. 
  • Perfect balance between speed, power and feeling. 
  • Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Sweden. 
  • Developed for the ABS-ball. 
  • Influenced by Japanese Table Tennis culture. 
  • Developed together with Japanese female players.
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